Indian Excellence Academy (IEA) founded by Dr Anshul Dhingra is the first franchise of Brian Tracy Global in India.

Indian Excellence Academy (IEA)is an enterprise with its presence in the field of professional training, coaching and management consulting services for educational institutions, business enterprises and corporate organizations. It was established in the year 2007 as ‘The Academicians’ which now reads ‘IEA’. Its global headquarters is in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR with its affiliates in all metropolitans of the country. IEA is proud to be the first and only franchise of Brian Tracy Global & Focal Point Coaching Excellence in India. IEA is also amongst the top 5 partners of Directive Communication International (Asia) in India.

It is one of the fastest growing training companies of Asian Region that provides trainings (technical and non technical), consulting, coaching and assessments solutions. In the last few years since IEA was formed, through its various training initiative and with its team of exemplary trainers across the Asian Region, the company has transformed the lives of thousands of participants. With their existing enviable list of clientele, IEA makes constant endeavor to serve their customers in the highest traditions of professionalism, quality work and post training support.


Our vision is to expand the inner-self of every individual we interact with so as to empower them to realize their purpose in life, achieve their personal and professional goals, and attain the state of well being, without an iota of anxieties.


We make this our mission to enable each willing individual, to achieve his or her mission of life, through training, coaching and mentoring programs, meticulously developed, for exploiting divine gifts, bestowed upon each individual, so that each one of us can benefit from the hidden potential of their capabilities.


The aim is to create customized training cum coaching programmes which makes the learning simple, effective, and practicable for application, for each of the participants, both in the educational and corporate sector. This shall have a twofold result, one, optimized humans at work place and also a dynamic much improved society.

Brian Tracy Global – is an international training and development company with operations in 35 countries. For three decades, Brian Tracy International has been recognised as one of the world’s premier training and development companies that has helped millions of individuals and business organisations to solve personal, professional, and organisational challenges. The company is a recognized global leader in the area of Peak Performance training. The core training material and methodologies have been written and developed by world renowned educator, business consultant and popular convention speaker Brian Tracy.

The excellent selection of business and personal training programs we offer are considered by our clients to be instrumental in setting the foundation for excellence in personal development, leadership, goal-setting, time-management, team building, communicating, sales training, and many other strategic corporate and personal initiatives.

These programs are presented in fast-moving, multimedia workshops and are facilitated by qualified trainers. Their modular format allows flexibility in meeting the specific training needs of clients. Our suite of programs can also be accessed and taken in the Online Advantage E-learning portal.

Their client portfolio consists of companies of all sizes: from small, entrepreneurial firms to large Fortune 500 multi-nationals; as well as educational establishments, financial institutions, government branches, and other organisations world-wide.